Navratras come twice a year. One comes after Holi,somewhere in March-April, which in Chait ke deviyan or guddi parwa and the second before Dussehra i.e. in September/October which is Kunwar ki deviyan.

From this day Deviji's worshipping and fasts start. In some families priest is called for doing proper Devi sthapana,worship and aarti. Prayers are offered twice a day (morning & evening).

However in most of the houses people do the puja themselves alongwith their family members.

At their regular place of worshipp Devijis moorti or photograph sthapana is done. In some families only male member of the family offer this PoojaHowever inpresent times mostly convenience is considered and pooja is offered as per each family's tradition.

Twice a day Deviji's stuti, Chandi chariter, Devi chaalisa, Bhoog,and Aarti is read

Every night after Puja one story is also read out citing Deviji's mahima(greatness). There are four stories . The first three stories are repeated one after another. However Fourth story is told only on Ashtami. These four stories in their respective order are : King and Washermanís story Deviji Tobadi story Story Badís daughterGaurajori bahuís story After story telling  Halwa-Chana, Halwa-Puri or Pera's prasad is given to everybody.

According to each family rules and tradition, on saptami (7th day) ,ashtami or naumi(9th day)the pooja is concluded after offering food to (8th day) kanyao and langore ( virgin girls or boys).Which is mostly halwa,chana,puri,aaloo ki baaji,dahi ki pakori .Before feeding them their feets are washed and then teeka of chop bendi or tilak is done on their forehead.Along with food they are also given henna,kalawa and money. As one desire one can also give them additional gifts like plate,glass or katori etc. If it is not possible to invite and feed them at home then as per convenience plates filled with food or halwa poori and chana is  sent to their houses.

Some people read full Ramayan during Navratras. Mostly fast is kept on parwa and Ashtami but those who read Ramayan, they keep fasts on all the nine days. They eat food at night only. On Naumi after completing full Ramayan, worshipping the ramyan book and offering worship and bhog fast is completed. Everyday before reading Ramayan "Aahavan Mantra" and after completing Ramayan "Iti Dhyanam" is read, daily.