The Mehndi Cone : there are different ways to apply henna besides the plastic homemade cone . A brush, stick or syringe are all alternative possibilities. Plastic pastry bags and mehndi application bags with plastic tips are also ready for purchase.

However to make a cone you will need:
heavy plastic sheeting(such as freezer bags)
2" plastic packaging tape

1. Cut 7"-10" squares out of plastic freezer bags.
2. Roll corner inside to create cone shape.
3. Wrap corner around cone.
3. Adjust cone until the point is closed, tape flap.

When rolling a cone it needs to be closed as tight as possible at the tip. You can then determine your application point once it is filled with henna. Simply trim a small tip off with scissors. Progressively trim more if necessary. Creating at least several cones at a sitting is good idea.